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04 06 2020
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Series of talk show “Smart Way To Go Global”

“Smart Way To Go Global” is a talk show series hosted by primary speaker Dr. Hoang Viet Ha, CEO of FPT Corporation, currently the Director of FPT Education International and FPT International English Academy. The objective is to spread the aspirations of global integration to the young generation, first of all, FPT International English Academy went to educational units in FPT Education system.

On 10th September 2018, the first talk show took place at Fschool.
As the CEO of FPT Corporation from 2014-2018 and a participant in FPT's globalization strategy, Mr. Ha shared lessons learned from FPT's leadership in the process of going globalization. Mr. Ha also shared experiences related to capacity development of each individual so that young people can be confident and quickly grasp the opportunities in the era of globalization.

On the 15th September 2018, the talk show continued at Hoang Van Thai Military Zone, where freshmen of FPT Da Nang University were going through military training. Our guest of honor was Dr. Gary M. Jones who is a Professor from the University of Brunei Darussalam. Mr. Gary shared about the importance of learning English as well as lessons learned from the prosperous Brunei country, where almost everyone speaks fluently in this language.

On the 20th September 2018, the talk show was held at  BTEC College. Ms. Chai Hui, a lecturer from the University of Brunei Darussalam shared a meaningful practical. 

On the 29th September 2018, FPT International English Academy was invited to the Fast Track camp to exchange and inspire students to learn English. This time, Ms. DK - lecturer of Brunei National University showed the importance of learning English in everyday life and in the future of IT Fast Tracks.
In addition, talk show sessions also include the participation of Brunei trainees. You have joined FPT International English Academy to interact with local students, participate in small game and chat in English. Hopefully, all FPT students and trainees had a good time!

What’s more, for every visited unit, FPT International English Academy offers valuable scholarships and meaningful gift vouchers to students. These gifts will be your luggage on your way to becoming a global citizen.

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