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05 06 2020
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Japanese Day 2019

Japanese Day is an annual cultural event organized by the International Student Exchange Center - FISEC (a member of FPT Education) in coordination with UBD-FPT Global Centre.

Japanese Day 2019 takes place at FPT Building's Campus, An Don Industrial Park, Son Tra, Da Nang. The program is a series of cultural exchanges for international and Vietnamese students; which not only strengthen cooperation of foreign universities with FPT University but also create a useful playground for students.

Japanese Day 2019 was attended by representatives of the Leadership Board of International Student Exchange Center in Japan and Bunkyo University. The event also receives enthusiastic participation of Vietnamese students and international students from Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei.

Students from all over Da Nang city, as well as international students, had the opportunity to enjoy Tea ceremony, taste Mochi cakes, try out Kimono and try to learn Japanese.

Performances and traditional booths from our Japanese, Thai, Brunei... trainees as well as students from FPT University and Son Tra high school also greatly contributed to the success of the program.

With the mission of making Da Nang the first English-speaking city in the country, UBD-FPT Global Centre will never stop trying to contribute more activities to benefit the community.

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