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05 06 2020
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Companying with English Olympiad Non English Major Students - The Final Central Showdown

ProE Contest was organized by the University of Foreign Languages - the National University of Hanoi according to the National Foreign Language Project, in coordination with the Saigon International University.

The competition was organized for students that do not study English major with reasons of: 
  1. Create opportunities to improve their English and international integration skills;
  2. Encourage the movement of learning English and contribute to building a "foreign language learning community" among students;
  3. Facilitating a meeting and exchanging experiences in teaching and learning foreign languages and establishing relationships among units nationwide;
  4. To create a dynamic movement of English teaching and learning, promoting students talent at universities, colleges, and academies across the country.

We are honored to received sponsorship from the Regional Final Night - ProE Contest 2018 in Da Nang, FPT English International Academy altogether with students from Central Region Universities set the night stage on fire on November 8, 2018.

The students had to go through two rounds to reach the finals of the Regional Final, all the teams were without a doubt did excellently.
FPT International Academy was awarded 2 scholarships worth VND 32,000,000 to Danang team from the University of Technology and the University of Economic. Not only that, thousands of appealing gifts were given to the audience.

Congratulations to the excellent teams that will be presented at the Shining Round - National Final in Hanoi in 12/2018;
🎉 First prize: University of Foreign Languages - Hue University
🎉 Second prize: University of Technology - Danang University
Third Prize belongs to Quy Nhon University, Vinh University;
Consolation prize belongs to Ha Tinh University, Economics University - Danang University.

Congratulations again to all the teams.

International English Academy FPT will have training sessions for the Polytechnic University team, the only team representing Da Nang will attend the national finals in Hanoi, proving the English proficiency of Da Nang students.

The contest team will be guided enthusiastically by the teacher at FPT International English Academy, who have been giving marks and feedback on the students as a jury in the Central Region Finals. The teachers will also give feedback to support the students about the content, presentation in the debate section which was a very important part of the exam.

Hopefully, with the enthusiastic and devoted guidance of experienced lecturers, University of technology will well demonstrate its part and bring glory to Da Nang students, promote the spirit of learning English of Da Nang citizen.

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